Rose Petal Aisle Runners and Petal Paths
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The Petal Happy Story

Enterprising entrepreneur, Camille Wallace, stumbled upon her big idea one day while perusing through high end wedding pictures on popular wedding blogs. She took notice of an extravagantly equisite wedding that featured loose rose petals packed down a wedding aisle to create a petal path. The romance, sophistication and richness the petals added were a culmination of all the things she believed defined a fairy tale wedding, but had rarely ever seen. Immediately, she began to investigate what it would take to re-create such a glamorous effect and bring it to market.


In the beginning product development stage real petals were considered, however there was concern over the possible stains real petals would leave on a white gown as well as the high cost associated with the sheer amount of petals needed to cover a standard aisle. Additionally, knowing the tremendous appeal her idea would have for brides with outdoor beach or rooftop wedding ceremonies that typically doubled as the same space for cocktail hours, she had to figure out a way to get the petals in place, keep them there against the wind and easily clear it away for a quick and seemless transition process.

Never one to back down from a challenge, she set out to make a pre-petaled asile runner that could be easily transported and unraveled. After weeks of research and planning as her guide, the first petal carpet was complete.

The end result was a gorgeous, hassle free and stain-resistant product hand made of life like petals which created a breathtaking and grand entrance sure to make the first steps into marriage unforgettable.


Equipped with the tremendous positive feedback about her petal aisle runner, Petal Happy was born, with Camille filling her first order in late 2008.

Today, Petal Happy sells petal aisle runners, petal valley aisle runners, gazebo petal carpets, petal carpet cutouts and patterned printed runners to Brides seeking a spectacular entrance on one of the biggest days of their lives.

Petal Happy is also in the process of partnering with select upscale NY venues and wedding and event planners to provide her petal carpets on a rental basis.



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